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Control audio-visual equipment that is in a closed cabinet - If you have hidden your audio-visual equipment away in a tasteful cabinet, then you are going to be faced with the dilemma of how to control it. After all, you probably don't want to have to get up to open the cupboard door (or leave it open), simply to pause, rewind, change channel or set a programme to record.
Create a multiroom video distribution system - In previous articles I have looked at how you can watch a video source from a different room, how you can connect one video source device to multiple display devices and how you can connect more video sources to your display device than it has available inputs. In this article I’m going to look at […]
Connect more video sources to a display device than it has available inputs - If you have more video sources than your display device has available input connections then you will probably spend a fair amount of time unplugging the cable from one source device and plugging it into a different device. Apart from the inconvenience, you run the risk of damaging the connections on your devices every time […]
Connect one video source device to multiple display devices - If you have a video source that you want to watch on more than one display device then you’ll probably find quite quickly that the video source doesn’t have as many output connectors as you need. The solution is to buy a video splitter! These simple devices typically have one input and multiple outputs. You […]
Connect a video source to a display device in a different room - If you have a video source (such as a Sky, Tivo or FreeView box, Apple TV, or DVD/BluRay player) in one room that you watch in a different room, then you can achieve this via a number of methods: Install an audio-visual cable Install a ‘cat’ cable Connect via your TV aerial distribution system Connect […]

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