Martin Durham

I am the publisher of the ReallyCleverHomes website. This page will tell you about my background.

In 2003 Helen (my wife) and I had not long since bought a house and were looking at ways to make it ‘better’ – by which I think we meant ‘smarter’ and/or ‘greener’ (though they were not commonplace words at the time).

Based on the experience we gained from those early home improvement efforts, I (probably rather foolishly) quit my (safe!) job as a university lecturer and set up the first ReallyCleverHomes website to try to sell the products we were identifying and buying for our own home. That was before online retail businesses were really ‘a thing’.

The website quickly took on a life of its own and became quite successful, selling products for which there was a clear demand (mainly those related to home automation and home entertainment).

For a whole host of reasons I took the decision to close the ReallyCleverHomes retail business in 2016 (in an ethical and orderly fashion) and in 2020 I started the process of creating an entirely new ReallyCleverHomes website focused on providing the best information and advice about home technology.