Neet 6-port IR hub

The Neet 6-port IR hub lets you control audio-visual devices, using their existing infra-red (IR) remote controls or a universal remote control, in situations where the devices are hidden out of sight (for example, in a closed cabinet).


Why you might want a Neet 6-port IR hub

If you’ve hidden your audio-visual equipment away somewhere out of sight, maybe by putting it in a cabinet, then the chances are you’re going to have a problem controlling it. This problem is caused by the fact that most audio-visual equipment uses infra-red light to receive instructions from its remote control. If you think of your remote control as a torch then you need to be able to shine the torch at your audio-visual equipment in order to get it to work. Obviously you can’t do that if there is a cabinet door in the way! The Neet 6-port IR hub solves that problem.

How the Neet 6-port IR hub works

Place the IR receiver in sight of your remote control and stick one IR emitter over the IR receiver on the front panel of each audio-visual device you want to control. Simply operate your remote control whilst pointed at the hub’s IR receiver and the IR emitters will relay the control signal to your equipment.

Features & benefits of the Neet 6-port IR hub

  • Lets you control up to six audio-visual devices.
  • Small IR receiver and separate electronics module for discreet installation.
  • USB powered.

What you get for your money when you buy a Neet 6-port IR hub

  • 1 x IR receiver
  • 1 x Control module
  • 2 x IR extender cable each with 3 IR emitters
  • 1 x USB cable
  • 1 x Instruction manual